Catering for Companies and for Individuals

Great-class catering represents your company, but also delights your private guests.


Whaterver you look for - catering for your company`s party, or private celebration refreshment - you always look for a reliable business partner. We are ready to serve your food, kishaw, and drinks the way you like the most. If you need fullservice, we are fully equipped. If you order just food, we don`t bother you by our presence - we just deliver and after all come to pick up dishes. You set the rules.

Private Catering

What a life it would be, if we hadn`t parties. Private, with friends, at home, in our gardens, or on castle rented for "The Occasion". There is plenty of opportunities. Just pick up:




children party





coming / leaving friends or relatives

baby birht

... guess any occasion! We celebrate it with you ;-)

Catering for Companies

For companies and institutions, we offer to organize all types of formal and unformal events. We provide fullservice as well as partial service.

Fullservice relieves you from organizing and coordination of your event. Our staff covers all the activities, you just have to tell us, what are your expectations. The rest is our job.

Partial service ussually means just delivering food to your place and your staff serves it. You can save costs, which are - on meetings, seminars or trainings - really wastefull.


Formal company catering

press conference








Unformal company catering


campany party (e.g.: Christmas)



grill party





We have prepared a great service for you that saves money for you. Order anything from our offer of sandwiches, cold plates, salads or other delicatess. We just deliver it to you. Or, if you want to save more, you can pick it up by yourself.

Kosher catering

Do your business partners or guests need kosher food?

We will provide you with kosher meals throughout the day or just for a business meeting. If you are looking for comprehensive advice on how to avoid "faux pas", we are here to prepare you to welcome your guests properly.

Because the service is strictly connected to the availability of rabbi, it is necessary to order it well in advance.


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Thanks for your professional and high quality catering for our guests at Curling Cup. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and was very satisfied. We look forward to further cooperation.

Katarína Košč


Our PR agency operates in both Czech and Slovak Republics, so we organize events for clients in both markets. In contrast to our colleagues in Prague, we always have had a big problem to find a company that is willing to provide catering for small events. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by JetCat with not only willingness, but also reasonable price and high level of professionalism with which they treat our first requirement. Everything was planned to the last detail, and when we changed the program JetCat  flexibly responded. The food was great and everyone went away happy. Since then, we are clear about choosing catering company :-)

Zuzana Šimová
PR consultant, Phoenix Communication, a.s.


Once again, I would like to thank for outstanding catering you have prepared for us. The refreshment was organized perfectly. Sushi dissapeared as first, then - step by step - everything else. The food was delicious and looked great as well. Thanks.

LANXESS Central Eastern Europe s.r.o.


Our cooperation with JetCat is first-class. They always fullfiled our requests. E.g. - breakfast, Christmass or Easter menu, refreshment on new openings, ... They always brought a new creativity, served food "on theme". Our Top Management from Hungary and Netherlands was amazed.

AEGON Slovakia

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